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Before you even get off the ferry boat or the boat that brings you  in Antiparos, you can see the picturesque port. You are welcomed by  Agia Marina  , the windmill and the white houses of the settlement. From the first moment you feel the enchanting aura. Along the harbor, the paved sidewalk with terraces is ideal for walking and  to enjoy. At dawn the colors of the east to paint the horizon and the canal, in the morning the fishermen to fish and the local producers with the fresh greens and the evening  a romantic  ride in the picturesque landscape with the boats, the boats, the children with their abstinences and the moon bathing in Reumatonisi and the mountains of Paros.

As you pass the picturesque beach taverns and cafes  of the coastal road,  you discover  τον  main pedestrian street. Paved, manicured, island and only for pedestrians leads you to Agios Nikolaos Square, a meeting point of locals and vacationers, big and small. This route is estimated at around seven minutes, walking at a moderate speed.

However, there is no way you can "catch" the above time! You will fool the people, the shops, you will meet children who sell painted pebbles, you will stop in front of a bar to sing a melody, you will stop spying on the delicious dishes served in the taverns, you will crave a local grapefruit look at the ice cream showcase and you will catch the ball from the kids playing in the school yard.

From the Square, one road leads to its gate  Castle. Passing it, you will immediately find yourself in other times, centuries ago, in a narrow alley with the remains of the tower in front of you. In this enclosed space, in the residential houses, your eye will find the built-in Venetian coats of arms of Lorentano.

The western road, from the Square, leads to its bay  Sifneikos Gialos, where the view reaches Sifnos and the sunset reddens the horizon.

The settlement of Antiparos, however, is not only the main road. Whichever alley you turn, the white houses with them  bougainvilleas, terraces, cobbled streets, basil pots waiting to be caressed, to musk and the hospitality of the locals will make you love this  place - postcard.

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