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The purpose of the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Antiparos (KEDA) is the organization of functions and activities, as well as the provision of services related to or directly related to the responsibilities of the Municipality of Antiparos in the following areas:

• Social Protection and Solidarity

• Education, Culture and Sports

• Environment

• Organization of Public Transport in accordance with the conditions set by article 83 of the Code of Municipalities and Communities (Law 3463/2006).

• Preparation and implementation of research programs, technology and employment promotion policies for the development of the area of the Municipality of Antiparos. Specifically, in the above axes of action, the main purpose of the establishment and operation of this Company is to improve the quality of life of all residents of the Municipality of Antiparos, with coordinated and effective provision of Public Services. For this reason the actions of the Company target: Sector of Social Protection and Solidarity.

• In the implementation of policies or participation in actions, for the prevention and / or treatment of social problems of individuals and groups of the population of the area and especially the support and social care of infants, children and the elderly, as well as the study and implementation of relevant social programs to this. 5526 GOVERNMENT GAZETTE (ISSUE TWO) Specifically, design, organization, implementation and management of centers and support programs for people directly or indirectly involved in the support and care of infants, children and the elderly, with the creation of Nurseries, Kindergartens, Home Help Programs, Elderly Care Units, Day Care Centers for the Elderly, Social Welfare Units and all kinds of programs that lead directly or indirectly to the care and support of all those directly or indirectly involved.

• Implementing policies or participating in actions and programs aimed at caring for, supporting and caring for vulnerable groups, by providing health services and promoting mental health, improving the quality of life and safeguarding human rights. in education, culture, employment, housing, healthy environment, legal protection, as well as the prevention or treatment of any kind of social exclusion due to gender, race, cultural, physical and in general social specificity or diversity. Specifically, the design, organization and operation of centers, programs for the prevention and treatment of social exclusion or periods of exclusion in the life of an individual and especially vulnerable groups of the population by ensuring accessibility, information, hospitality, counseling, networking, protection, , integration or reintegration of victims of abuse, dependents, individuals or groups developing delinquent behavior, immigrants, returnees, expatriates, refugees, gypsies, victims of domestic violence and violence against cohabiting persons, single-parent, single-parent, single-parent, in reintegration, people with disabilities and people in general, who experience or are at risk of experiencing social exclusion.

• To care for the homeless and financially weak citizens, by providing assistance, livelihoods and care to residents who face serious living problems.

• In the promotion and development of volunteering and social solidarity with the creation of local social solidarity networks, voluntary organizations and groups of volunteers that will be active to achieve the goals and support the work of social protection and solidarity of the Municipality of Antiparos.

• Informing, informing, promoting, developing and disseminating the services offered by the existing social structures or the structures that will be created, to the beneficiaries of these services.

• Utilizing the economic and institutional potential of social policy and welfare at local, national and European level.

• In the design of proposals in the field of Social Protection and Solidarity and their inclusion in European Union co-financed Programs, National, Transnational, Interregional funding programs and in the management and implementation of these proposals (either independently as a beneficiary or as a subcontractor or by assignment to a certified third party - beneficiary).

• In the promotion, utilization, coordination and control of the existing social structures and services at local level, as well as in the promotion of their cooperation with social structures and services at Regional, National and European Level.

• In the drafting, development and implementation of social planning of the Municipality, as well as in the implementation of social research in order to make rational decisions and in order to methodize and implement desired goals to solve and timely address each social problem for the benefit of society as a whole.

• To contribute to the creation and development of the necessary infrastructure for the improvement of the provided social services and to ensure the accessibility of the inhabitants to them, their creative utilization and the improvement of the quality of life of all the inhabitants of the Municipality.

• The acceptance of donations, bequests, aids from natural or legal persons of the public or private sector and their utilization, for the achievement of the purposes of the Company.

• In the conclusion of project contracts with natural persons, which will contribute to the implementation of its actions, as well as in the conclusion of contracts with all kinds of bodies for the execution of projects, which are in line with the purposes of the Company. Employment: • In the implementation or participation in integrated local action plans and programs and initiatives, for the implementation and development of employment promotion policies and the social integration of various categories of unemployed, within the framework of national and European policies.

• In the promotion and strengthening of entrepreneurship and vocational training services, with the establishment and operation of Vocational Guidance Centers, Vocational Training Centers, adapted to local needs and particularities, within the framework of National and European Planning. Education, Culture and Sports:

• The substantial and integrated cultural development of the Municipality and the in-depth cultivation of artistic sensitivity and love for the arts, their promotion, development and dissemination, by organizing cultural events, educational and recreational activities, the protection of local cultural heritage and in general the national cultural identity, the reduction of cultural, intellectual and artistic goods into organic elements of everyday life, the active and conscious participation and the creative utilization of the free time of the inhabitants and especially the young people of the Municipality. Specifically, the implementation of policies and the development of actions, for the cultivation of cultural education of all without exception of the inhabitants of our island and its visitors, through the organization of events, concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, competitions, festivals, seminars, workshops, forums, model actions for the youth, creation of cultural networks and in general support of the basic cultural and educational events of the Municipality.

• In the creation of the necessary cultural infrastructure, in the support, development and dissemination of artistic education in the fields of music, dance, cinema, theater, visual arts and contemporary audiovisual art forms. The support and dissemination of contemporary artistic and intellectual creation and the provision of conditions that will allow the exercise and development of the individual creative abilities of the inhabitants in the respective sectors. Specifically, the implementation of policies and the development of actions for the cultivation of cultural education of all without exception the inhabitants of the area, through the establishment and operation of art, music and theater workshops, libraries, dance schools, painting and sculpture, chess, schools of contemporary art education, educational and lifelong learning centers, choirs, orchestras, philharmonic orchestras, galleries, cultural and spiritual centers.

• In the development of cooperation with the cultural institutions and groups of the place, with the amateur clubs, the groups and the bands, the educational and artistic community of the Municipality, as well as the provision in every possible way of moral help and material and technical support, aiming enhancing local artistic creation. Specifically, the establishment and operation of traditional schools, folklore museums and workshops, intercultural centers and centers for the protection and promotion of cultural tradition, all without exception of the residents and groups of the Municipality.

• The protection of museums, monuments, caves, as well as archaeological and historical sites of the island of Antiparos and these facilities, which do not belong to the Ministry of Culture.

• In the promotion of cultural exchanges, at national, European and international level, in accordance with the current legislation.

• In the development of cultural tourism that does not have a commercial character that alters the public benefit character of the Company. As well as the international promotion of our island by any means that will contribute to this purpose.

• In the construction, maintenance and management of sports facilities, such as municipal gyms, sports centers and municipal and sports facilities.

• In the promotion and implementation of mass sports support programs and the organization of sports events. Environment, Research - Technology:

• The elaboration of local programs for the protection and upgrading of the natural, architectural and cultural environment, as well as in matters of recycling, within the framework of national and European policies.

• In the protection and management of water resources, the protection of soil and inland waters from fishing and the fight against pollution in the region of the Municipality of Antiparos. The management of the natural and urban environment, the awareness of the citizens in respective issues, the promotion of the environmental education and the cooperation with specialized University and Public Organizations and Utilities, non-governmental Organizations and Urban Non-Profit Organizations that have of environmental resources.

• In the elaboration and implementation of studies and programs, which promote sustainable and balanced development, which ensure productive and social cohesion and ensure the protection of the environment in the whole area of the Municipality.

• To provide assistance to the competent bodies, with all appropriate means at their disposal, to deal with fires and emergencies.

• The elaboration and implementation of research and technology programs for the development of our island.

• In the research and design of studies and programs for the creation of infrastructure and businesses, which will protect the environment and public health.

• In the application they study digital technology and in the implementation of broadband service programs.

• In collaboration with Higher Education and Technological Institutions at local, regional, national and European level.

• In the planning and implementation of actions, for the support and development of the Municipal project and that are directly related to the main activities of the Public Benefit Enterprise. Public Transport: The exercise of a transport project, according to the existing provisions, to serve the residents of the Municipality of Antiparos and mainly for the movement of: a) residents belonging to social groups, such as people with disabilities, the elderly and children, b) employees and to their legal entities and c) students at the place where the school operates, if their movement is not possible by public transport.

• Any other action that falls within the relevant areas of article 75 of the Code of Municipalities and Communities, even if it is not explicitly mentioned here and if this action is directly related to the main activity carried out by the Public Benefit Enterprise.

Antiparos Cave

The Antiparos Cave is one of the most beautiful and important in the world. This is because, apart from being a magnificent natural attraction, it is inextricably linked to the history of the place and causes great archaeological interest, due to the findings of the Stone Age that were discovered inside.

Folklore Museum of Antiparos


The Municipality of Antiparos secured and designed

in an elegant and spacious building, in the center of the settlement, the collections are exhibited, which over time will be enriched with new elements.


The individual sections are: Library, Manuscripts - Documents, Engravings, Coins, Ancient Amphoras, Folklore Collections.

Istoriko Laografiko Mouseio Antiparou 01
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