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The ride with  inflatable, the dives and the picnic that, perhaps, follows, gives joy to the whole family. In Antiparos, the morphology of the ground is such that access with an inflatable, to all beaches, becomes free and easy. Explore the island, as well as the islets that make up the cluster of Antiparos. Enjoy your bath and food, observing the safety rules of the boat and the cleanliness of our place. If you want to rent a boat, you will find rental offices in the settlement.

The island also attracts its lovers  sailing, who choose it, among others, for its geographical location in the heart of the Aegean and its proximity to the rest of the Cycladic islands. Even if you are a passer-by, we suggest you to discover the Pantheronissia, on the east side of the island, with their amazing, green waters, the Upper and Lower Fyra (north), the Round and, of course, the Despotic (southwest) with , of high historical value, archaeological findings.

If you visit Antiparos by inflatable or sailing boat it is good to know that although there is not yet an organized marina,  you can tie  your boat in the Port and on the beaches of Soros and Ai Giorgis.

Since 2004, permanent residents have been able to train and love sailing. In that year was founded the  Antiparos Nautical Club, with the aim of "the dissemination and knowledge of water sports, as well as the active participation in the cultural events of the island". The N.O.A. belongs to the Hellenic Sailing Federation and delivers sailing lessons (optimist, laser), all year round, to students from 6 years old, at its facilities. For the summer sections, as well as the other activities of the group, consult its website  .

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