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Churches - Chapels

THE  Christian faith  was its cornerstone  of island tradition, for centuries. The chapels scattered on the peaks and the shores, the settlements and the plains testify to the truth of the word. In Antiparos, the approximately fifty churches may be considered excessive, in proportion to the population and size of the island. However, on the rugged historical paths, the islanders drew strength from this belief and continue to draw and walk with "God has".

The Cycladic chapels  with their architecture and aesthetics they look like a piece of Creation, without which the sea, the sun, the plain and the seagulls would be an incomplete unit. Dressed in white, they reflect the sunbeams and with their small size they proclaim the greatness of faith, which - unlike other cultures - does not need volume to be imposed.

All the churches of Antiparos  are operated and their care is supervised, during the year, by the Church, families of residents and the Municipality. Although scattered in various parts of the island, they have access from the road network. On the day of their feast, a festival is set up and the pilgrims are transported by the Municipal bus.

For the sacrament of baptism or the wedding, for a walk, to watch the local festival and the customs that are preserved, to sunbathe from the summer sun, to organize a picnic with friends, to be inspired, to get forces for the coming winter and to kiss the "God has", below is a short guide to the most important churches and chapels of Antiparos.


Agia Marina -  celebrates July 17th

Agia Marina welcomes the visitor to the island. She is the Lady of the Port, she "sits" next to the old windmill and holds a special place in the hearts of the locals, who celebrate her with a three-day feast and all the honors.

Celebrations and events begin on  July 15  and are completed on  July 17. They include races, road races, swimming and cycling, concerts, theatrical events, dance performances by local dance groups, feasts with appetizers, tsikoudia, island and folk music. Most events take place in the square of Agia Marina, in the Port and in the settlement.

See the program of this year's events here.

Ai Giannis o Spiliotis -  celebrates May 8

As its name suggests, the church of Ai Giannis is located at the entrance of the cave of Antiparos. It has given its name to the whole location, which is called Ai Giannis mountain or Agiogiannitiko mountain. It communicates internally with the smallest and oldest church (350 years old) of Zoodochou Pigi.

The church of Ai Giannis was renovated in 1714 by the Metropolitan of Antipariot of Nafpaktos and Arta, Neophytos Mavrommatis, who, according to tradition, assembled the icon of the Saint, as he recognized that he was the revered elder who appeared in his sleep and cured him of a very serious illness.

On the eve and on the day of Ai Gianniou, on the 7th and 8th of May there is a festival with local delicacies and tsikoudia.


By car or bicycle: From the port of Antiparos, on the left from where the boat leaves you from Pounta, starts the asphalt road that leads to the cave.

By public bus: From the port of Antiparos, below the square of Agia Marina, is the bus stop. Regular itineraries to the cave.

On foot: The walking route is a magical experience and is estimated at about 1.5 hours from the port. From the small settlement of Agios Georgios, hiking, along with a little comfortable mountaineering, lasting a total of two and a half hours, will excite nature lovers. This road used to be followed by those who wanted to visit the cave, when the weather did not allow transportation by sea.


Prophet Elias  - celebrates July 20

At the highest peak of the island, at an altitude of 308 meters, dominates the church of Prophet Elias. Due to its location, it is the panorama and the "vigla" of Antiparos. Depending on the visibility, the visitor stands out from many of the neighboring islands. The paved courtyard, the surroundings neat and the whole picturesque, as it would suit the conqueror of the peaks, Profitis Ilias.

The small church was built in 1937 by the inhabitants. Special mention should be made of Ioannis Patelis, who was then working in the mines of the area. With perseverance, patience and his donkey, whenever he found an opportunity, he loaded materials and carried them to the top, to build the church.


By jeep or mountain bike:   The asphalt road to Agios Georgios starts from the port. The road to Profitis Ilias starts from the settlement of Agios Georgios and is a dirt road. The route is uphill, 4 km.

By conventional car:  The road to Agios Georgios is paved and starts from the port. From there, it is a good idea to ask the locals about the condition of the dirt road before attempting it. If you do not recommend it, continue on foot to the wonderful walking route.

By public bus / feet:  Below Agia Marina Square, at the port, take the public bus to Agios Georgios (regular services). From there, you continue on foot on a wonderful walking route of four, about kilometers. The amazing view and the contact with nature will reward you!


Panagia Faneromeni  -  celebrates September 8th

Built by fishermen for its sake, the church of Panagia Faneromeni, at the southern end of Antiparos attracts a large number of believers, at its festival on the eve and on the day of its celebration, September 7 and 8. The access is made by fishing boats and the evening is spent all night, in this beautiful church, in the rocky cape, in the sea.


Holy Friday  -  celebrates July 26th

You will meet her going to Kampos. There was in its place an older church of the same name, built with bricks. It was rebuilt in 1962, from tama and since then it is celebrated on the eve and on the day of its celebration, with local delicacies and tsikoudia.


Agios Ioannis Prodromos and Agia Zoni, Monastiria area

Two chapels of exceptional aesthetics, in the area of Monastiria, next to the beautiful beach. Agios Ioannis is a square tiny church, made by people who used to work in the mines of the area.

The roof of the Holy Zone, before its repair, was supported by old metal rails of the mine wagons.


The churches in the Castle of Antiparos

Inside the Castle there are the churches of Prodromos, the Nativity of Christ and Agios Antonios.

In the picturesque square, the church of Agios Nikolaos was built in the middle of the 17th century. It was built at the expense of the pastor of the village of Damenzhou, in 1703, as the inscription above the west door of the temple shows. In the infrared of the north gate there is the date 1783.

Next to Agios Nikolaos there are the churches of Evangelistria and Agios Athanasios. In the first one can see wonderful images of hagiographers of the Cretan School. Particularly important is the one depicting Good Friday and Christ as High Priest, a work of the 17th century. The single aisle of Antiparos is also historic.


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