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As part of the LIFE-IP CEI Greece project, the pilot launch of the local Antiparos Circular Business waste collection action has begun.

The cooperating restaurants and caterers carry out a separate collection of plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum packaging and cardboard boxes, using the bins allocated to them in the previous days:

With the use of two electric vehicles, the collection is done "door-to-door", easily, quietly and without pollution at the appropriate times after relevant consultation with the businesses.

The waste is then transported to be baled, in order to reduce its volume and be sent to recycling centers.


On behalf of the Municipality of Antiparos, we would like to express our warm thanks to all those who contributed to the successful organization of the expanded actions for the marine environment on the weekend of April 20-21, 2024.

Thanks to Aegean Rebreath & the active participation and dedication of the Antiparos Volunteer Rescue Team-Antiparos Rescue Team , the FISHING ASSOCIATION, the Antiparos Maritime Association MEA Oliaros, the Antiparos Women's Association , the Antiparos Navigator , the Cats of Antiparos charity and the Cultural Antiparos En Plo Association, we managed to implement a rich program of actions aimed at protecting the marine environment in Antiparos.

Thank you very much for:

The implementation of educational programs in schools, through which we cultivated environmental awareness in the new generations.

The underwater and coastal cleanings, which contributed to the removal of a significant amount of waste from the marine environment.

The research project on microplastics, which shed light on a critical environmental issue.

Actions to identify and remove abandoned fishing gear, which contribute to the protection of marine biodiversity.

The success of these actions demonstrates the power of cooperation and joint effort to achieve important environmental goals.


Aegean Rebreath, in collaboration with the Municipality of Antiparos and with the support of Pepsico Hellas, proceeded to design and implement an innovative program. A program that included holistic interventions while promoting the principles of the circular economy and environmental democracy through the participation and mobilization of the entire local community. The program was based on the placement of specially designed three-stream recycling bins for plastic, glass and aluminum in 10 organized beaches of the island and in three seaside mass catering businesses, as well as in informing and raising awareness of the local community, HORECA businesses and visitors. The bins placed on the beaches were designed and built from scratch by recycling 400kg of bottle caps that had been collected by residents and the municipality throughout the previous years. At the same time, the bins were equipped with reusable bags, in order to avoid the consumption of single-use plastics.


The Municipality of Antiparos has joined forces with the "Every Box Counts" recycling program to launch a pilot program for remunerative recycling of aluminum cans.


Since mid-July, aluminum recycling has been operating as a separate stream in the Municipality of Antiparos, thus actively supporting the model of sustainable development and environmental protection.

It is now commonly accepted that the "supply, manufacture, disposal" production model on which the world economy has so far relied is a harmful and unsustainable practice for the environment.

Thus, both the state and ourselves have to support a new model of production, that of the circular economy which is a huge opportunity to create competitive advantages on a sustainable basis. The application of the principles of the circular economy in all sectors and industries, according to the reflection document "Towards a sustainable Europe by 2030" of the European Commission, has the potential to produce a net economic benefit of 1.8 trillion. by 2030, create more than one million new jobs in the EU and play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Having these data in mind, the Municipality of Antiparos strengthens its already existing actions for the protection of the environment by proceeding with a collaboration with Every Box Counts and the recycling of aluminum boxes. 

Thus, since mid-July, aluminum recycling has been officially operating as a separate stream in the Municipality, with their actions including the installation of an aluminum recycling bin (Can Crusher) in the municipal parking lot of Psaraliki, the distribution of special bins to companies that use aluminum cans. as well as informing and raising public awareness about the benefits of recycling. In the context of the development of the program, additional companies that wish to participate will be included, thus increasing the recycling rate of the municipality.

"The recycling rate of the Municipality of Antiparos is increasing daily, while already 12 companies have installed the special aluminum recycling bins. The growing awareness of the citizens for the protection of the environment, the reduction of waste and the warm response they have shown in the field of Recycling is something that makes us very happy and we thank them warmly for that ", said the mayor of Antiparos Anastasios Faroupos.

"It is our great pleasure to cooperate with the Municipality of Antiparos, such an active and sensitized municipality in matters of recycling", says Irini Topozidou, responsible for the program Every Box Counts. "Recycling aluminum compared to its production from the beginning means 95% less energy consumption, while aluminum can be recycled forever, a very important property," he adds.

This cooperation with the Municipality of Antiparos is a beginning for many more actions that will follow on the island in order to further inform and raise awareness of citizens and businesses about the power of aluminum recycling and the circular economy.


Commencement of laundry recycling operation in the Municipality of Antiparos

Specifically, a clothes recycling bin was placed in the municipal parking lot of Psaralyki

The recycling of clothes that we propose implies their management so that only 2% ends up in the garbage, while from the old clothes can also be made work uniforms, tow, material for sound and heat insulation, filling for the car seats.

What do we do with the clothes

- After a short selection, the best clothes are offered free of charge to socially vulnerable groups in Greece, through the services of the Municipality.

-Further the clothing is available to meet basic needs in emergencies such as natural disasters.

-The remaining percentage is exported for the purpose of reuse. Part of the material, the unsuitable clothes for recycling, are recycled to create cleaning clothes, towels, insulation and other material. Old clothes can also be made into work uniforms, material for sound and heat insulation, padding for car seats, etc.

What we put in the bins

-Clean clothes (men, women and children)

-Pairing shoes (men, women and children)

-Flat items (such as pillows, sheets, etc.)

-Accessories (such as belts, bags, etc.)

What we do NOT place in the bins

Dirty or wet clothes

- Carpets and cloth scraps

- Paired shoes

-Organic waste

-Plastic objects


- Paper



We thank the company


for its valuable help and we hope that the citizens will be sensitized in this effort for the protection of the environment.

Antiparos implements the innovative recycling program by collecting cigarette butts and converting them after special treatment into new environmentally friendly materials.

The special bins of the Cigaret Cycle are now located in central parts of Antiparos, as well as the individual reusable cigarette boxes that were distributed to those present on the beaches of the island.


With the slogan "clean, island without animal dirt", the Municipality of Antiparos and KEDA "run" an action that concerns our four-legged friends. This is the program "NO KAKA", which was implemented, with the aim of supporting the guardians of dominant dogs in the collection of dirt, during their movement on the island and on the other hand the awareness of the citizens for their active environmental attitude towards stray animals. the Municipality of Antiparos and Keda installed, in 2 different parts of the municipality, a special facility for the supply of the dog owner with a disposable paper bar. This comes from recyclable paper, it is functional, light and easy to use and transport to the trash and, as the head of the Initiative, Maria Arkoudi, points out, is a Greek patent, is made in Greece and is completely ecological. Municipality of Antiparos, is the first island to develop this action and one of the 30 municipalities throughout the country.

First Award for the Municipality of Antiparos and the Recycling Committee of the Municipality of Antiparos - Antiparos Recycling Committee in the category Governance  at the Bravo Sustainability Awards - Sustainable Greece 2019 at the Concert Hall

The institution BRAVO 2019, is an institution of social dialogue for Sustainable Development, which is developed at the national level, based on the initiatives implemented by Businesses, Local Government Organizations and Civil Society. Through the 250 initiatives and the 35,000 active citizens participating in the BRAVO institution, a wider information and awakening of the Greek society is developed as well as a network of exchange of knowledge and experiences from these Organizations, that contribute to the creation of GREECE TOMORROW @qualitynetfoundation  #Bravo  #SustainabilityDialogueAwards  #inAction

Coastal cleaning of Despotiko

The Mayor of Antiparos Anastasios Faroupos thanks for their immediate and polite response for the coastal cleaning of the Despotiko that took place on June 17 the volunteers: Marco Mariano, Pipino Mariano, Pipino Parouso, Emiliano Raitario, Dimos Togarimos, Giorgos A Giannis Pantelaki, Damiano Viazi, Pipino Mariano, Sara Kyrgialani, Jenny Stavropoulou, Simo Triantaphyllo, Dionysio Kostantopoulos, Katerina Chiselari, Tamara Sulaberidze, Mamuka Sulaberidze, Elisavet Sarloufi, Sophia Tafaris E

The whole project could not have been achieved without the assistance of the Antiparos Port Guard and especially the Reservist Mr. Christos Kostantopoulos.


Thank you

Special paper recycling bins were placed in two places within the Printed Paper Recycling Program implemented by our Municipality.

The places where the paper recycling bins were placed are in the Municipal Parking & in Vounalaki

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