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The Orthodox faith is kept intact by the islanders, who keep the customs and traditions taught to them by their ancestors. In Antiparos all the churches and chapels are open. On the day of their feast there is a festival and the pilgrims are transported by the municipal bus.

The three-day celebration of Agia Marina, on July 15-17. Agia Marina is the church that welcomes the visitor to Antiparos. It is located in the Port, in a prominent position and seems to oversee the sea and travelers.

During the three days, the entire local population actively participates, promoting the hospitality and culture of Antiparos. Concerts, races, the famous triathlon (swimming - cycling - road racing) are organized with fanatical participants from all over the world,  theatrical events, lute and violin parties, dance performances by local dance groups and much more. Find the detailed program of this year's events here.

Ai Giannis Prodromos is celebrated on June 24-25 and during his celebrations the custom of Klidonas and the burning of the Maidens in the Port are represented.

Panagia Faneromeni is celebrated on September 7 and 8. The picturesque chapel is located at Cape Petalida, in the south of the island. This festival is especially popular with the locals, due to its enchanting location. Access is by sea, by fishing boat or by road.

The festival of Ai Giannis of Spiliotis on the 7th and 8th of May. The small church, located in the courtyard of the cave of Antiparos and has given its name to the whole hill, wears its festive clothes in spring. Particularly picturesque festival, with treats.

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